Thursday, October 22, 2009

Did you hear?

A pig that attended the MN State Fair has H1N1.

At this moment I wish everyone would just take a step back take a deep breath and think about what is really going on. Why is this happening, what can we learn from this, and what is the right way to go about making sure this never happens again?Why is this happening? I truly believe our confinement farm way of raising livestock, coupled with our monoculture farms and the fast pace way we want to raise these animals is changing them in ways we can't even imagine. Making them susceptible to all sorts of diseases, and allowing mutation of existing diseases.What can we learn? So I heard not to worry they were working on a vaccine to give to the pigs. Oh, what a great idea, modern medicine can fix anything! Seriously do you even know the regime that confinement cows go through. In order for them to live in confinement they have to hop them up on modern meds to just keep them alive- and of course milking! Is this what we want to happen to all things that we consume- well it is and unless WE the consumers do something about it.What is the right way to go? Well I know I have already said this a hundred times but when you buy from a local reputable farmer, one that is possibly using heritage breeds, not injecting them with hormones, vaccinations and other crap, grass fed, pastured, maybe even organically raising, then you can be sure you are getting meat, milk, cheese, veggies that are safe and good for you. It is up to you the consumer- us non conventional farmers keep saying it but until the conventional system feels it nothing is going to change! Animals are being put into a system that goes against nature and they are put there by us and we are the only ones that can get them out of this horrible system before something worse happens. By then even those farmers that are farming the way they should are going to loose everything because you can't stop the spread of what is to come.

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Jamie Jo said...

Good thing I buy from a local reputable farmer! :) I can't imagine pigs in a confinement pen after seeing how hysterically fiesty those pigs are running around at your farm. Those pigs look adorable and happy (and more importantly healthy!) I agree 100%.