Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can't catch a break

With this cooler weather it is easier to get things done. And there are tons of things for us to do. I am still canning like crazy, I canned some apples for pie and then with extra tomatoes we were given I made ketchup. I actually tried to make ketchup a few years ago and it was horrible, this time it was much better, but 8 pounds of tomatoes a whole day and just shy of a pint.
Today it is raining and although we need it and today it is okay but we could use a bit of dry weather for the weekend, the forecast doesn't look so good. Yesterday I dug up potatoes and pulled some onions. I still have 3 more rows of potatoes (30 foot rows) to dig and cure and about 300 onion plants to pull. I also pulled all my squash- something chewed on almost everyone! But still 80 squash for fall. Summer is like a whirlwind, it feels as though we never got a break. It is strange how long winter feels but how fast spring, summer and fall goes. Last week our friend Adair and her husband David and their grandson came to the farm. You might remember when she came last year, this time it was a little rainy. She still took some pictures but will be back when the fall colors come in a little more.In a couple of weeks 2 of our cows will be going into butcher and our freezer will once again be full, then we have 2 pigs and some lamb to squeeze in. Plus all that I have frozen for veggies and fruit for the winter. The kid will be two this month- how weird it still feels to be someone's mom!
This weekend Brad and Jamie will be here to help put in a root cellar. I will do my best to document. I am not sure we actually know what we are doing. Ahhh, another adventure!

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