Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The table

So when Chuck and I moved up north we 'took' a table from my dad's garage. This table has been around for as long as I can remember. The story is that my parents found it at an antique place, the main part of the table had a wooden frame attached, the two leaves were not attached and had no way of attaching. Chuck and I figured he could make something work- he is handy:)
The table is really too small without the leaves and the legs are kind of annoying since you can't get your legs under the sides. My mom came over a month or so ago saying that she was going to buy us a table that she saw but after thinking a while about it went back and it was gone- she thought it would be perfect for us. I am not really sure why she happened to be looking for a table since we had made no mention that we wanted a new one, unless there was an ulterior motive. You see the table had been in my dad's garage, my parents are divorced and have been for at least 7 years but there are things my mom did not 'take' for some reason and has decided she wants now. I of course have always loved this table so I asked my dad and as it always goes he said no- but not the kind of no that actually means no- you have to know my dad. So it became our new table.
This past week my mother called to say she had gotten us a table, and would bring it by over the weekend. Well she brought it last weekend- and it is blue. And not a pretty I want to eat off of this blue.
I have to say Chuck and I were not too excited, I am sure my mom picked up on that saying that she would leave it and if we did not like it she would take it back. And then she said that if we like the table she would be back to pick up the other one. Oh, there it is that ulterior motive.
Anyway the blue table has a main part and then two leaves that pop up from under the main table perfect for our size house. Well the next morning as I was laying in bed I had a wonderful idea I bet the table that we 'took' from my dad was originally on a frame just like the blue table- I wonder if we could switch, and that afternoon Chuck made us a new table- it is so wonderful so beautiful and so big- Thanks mom for the wonderful table.

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Jennifer L said...

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