Thursday, August 13, 2009

This, that, and the other

Thank you for the rain and now thank you for the dry. This is our first year doing this hay thing and it ain't easy. Having no TV and no internet Chuck feels lost without knowing the weather. I have to say it frustrates me that he is so dependent on someone telling him if he should cut or not. I hope as the years go by he depends less and less on those outlets and more and more on himself. Having said that yesterday he baled the last of our second crop and most of it is in the loft. He should finish up today.
Having our own cow is wonderful and yesterday I turned a half gallon of cream into beautiful yellow butter. I know I should be doing this every week, but I just have not had a chance. It took a couple of hours, but it is so wonderful and then we had buttermilk pancakes this morning for breakfast. To make the butter I let the cream get to room temperature and then I started shaking the bottle until butter clumps formed. In the jar was the butter and buttermilk. I rinsed the butter out really well- getting as much of the buttermilk out, as it will have a sour taste to it if not removed. Then I pressed the liquid out.We have been trying to focus a bit on the house. Chuck is going to be starting school here shortly so we need to get as much done as possible. We have added another glass door to the south side of the house and now a deck. Next I think is working on the root cellar and the inside. This semester Chuck will have both a biology and a chemistry class along with a few others so he will be bogged down I am sure.

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