Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yet another not so busy week

Chuck took this picture of rain coming- which we never got, but still a cool picture.

The farmer's market last week was amazing, we sold 16 dozen eggs- we are getting around 24 a week so this is very good, and it was only the first day of the market! This week the market will be on both Friday and Saturday and honestly I am not sure if we will go to the Saturday market- we might not have any eggs to sell. The next few weekends are busy for us anyway as we have lots of visitors coming to the farm- we love it. It is so hard to go from young social people to farmers. I mean we love farming but it is hard to feel tied down. Chuck is especially having trouble with this as he is really the one tied down. I once tried to milk the cow so Chuck could have a night away and she was not happy with me- kicking almost the whole time. I think I only was able to get a pint or two, when she normally milks a gallon or more so that is not very much. We are looking into getting a single cow milker so that Chuck can get away but they are just to spendy right now.
The sheep have been moved out into the big pasture. I wanted to wait until the lambs were at least a month old and until Chuck finished upgrading the fencing. The grass is almost up to my waist in some spots so it was about time. The pigs are huge- no longer cute I am afraid, I went in to feed them the other day and one bit my leg- not very hard but scared the crap outta me.
We have been eating lettuce, peas and kohlrabi out of the garden, the beans are coming they just aren't very big yet, and there are a few summer squash again not very big yet.Yesterday I got stung in the back of my neck while doing some chores- turns out we have a huge hive on the house- how the heck we missed this one as we pass it every day, at least twice, to take care of the rabbits. Not sure what these are hornets maybe-ughhhh.

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