Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta roll with it

Not having internet at home I try to do my blogging on Thursdays when I am in town. Sometimes by the time Thursday rolls around we have had so much going on I am not sure what to write about- but not this week. I downloaded all the pictures from the past week and nothing really happened. So what the heck have we been doing? Good question! Our Farmers Market starts tomorrow!! And as some of you know I am the farmers market manager so I have been a little busy tying up loose ends and getting us ready to sell. We will be selling eggs and, well anything else that comes up. I can not tell you how excited I am for the market to start. Living in a small town this is a great way to get to know community members and to really support our local artisans and farmers. Pine City's market only allows those that live in a 50 mile radius to sell, and you can only sell homegrown or handmade items. Last year the market started out with 3 vendors leading up to a whopping 20, this year we are starting out with at least 12 and maybe more! Our market is on Fridays from 11 to 1 and this year we are trying out Saturday which will be 9-noon. So if you happen to be in the area stop by and support our community- especially if you need eggs- we figure we will have about 25 dozen a week to sell!
We have some planned events including 2009 Schubert Club Student Scholarship Winners in classical guitar playing on July 31st. We also have a mid-season celebration and a wellness day planned. Tomorrow I go on the local radio station to read the weather and talk Farmers' Market- when I was helping out with another event I went on the radio so now Chuck calls the station WCMjen.

On a farm note- everyone is doing well. The lambs are growing fast, we had another batch of bunnies so now we are up to 17 bunnies. The pigs are getting huge, the chickens well they are laying like crazy and the cows are well doing the cow thing- turning grass into milk and meat! LuLu is due in 4 months! The weekends are getting full with farm visitors so let me know if you want to come and tour:)

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