Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pigs, Cow and the Land

This week was very very busy. I knew it would catch up to us. This past weekend we had friends over both Saturday and Sunday, and more to come this weekend and next. It is a good time to come to the farm, and we love having visitors. Chuck finally finished the pig fencing and now they are running around like crazy kids. Again new to this farming stuff I knew that they rooted around but actually watching them do it they seem to be eating the soil, not sure if they are getting minerals or really what they are doing. They are growing fast and we are spending about $100 a week on food- wonder what we will be spending in October before we butcher them?? After getting the pigs situated Chuck did some work in the barn so that he could move his milking indoors. He asked me if I would come and take pictures of him milking in the barn, he figures it has been at least 20 years since a cow had been milked in there.Which brings me to the other day we had a friend over and as we were walking around she asked what was going to happen to the land. As you know this is family land, Chuck and I do not own it. It is really sad to think what might happen. I think that Chuck's family thinks that we just want to live here because it is essentially free. If they only knew how much it really means to us that this is the third generation farming this land they might think differently. Unfortunately farm land grows big houses and selling land to those kinda gardeners brings in lots of money. Chuck and I both would hate to see this land go to waste, but when we sat down with the family to discuss the idea of Chuck and I moving here, his uncle had nothing good to say about farming- maybe he does not understand our way of farming. When we talked about where we were going to farm there were issues, not sure why it was never said 'we think this land would be the best for you to be successful, this is the land you should use', instead we almost had to beg to farm here. We went into this knowing we were not going to be rich- we went into this not wanting to be rich (at least in terms of money). Right now the land is owned by Chuck's uncle and mother. The idea is, at least the way it was explained, was that the land would be divided between the two and then when they are ready the land would go to their kids. Chuck's cousin was not supportive at all of us moving here, I am not sure why, he at one point thought this land would be a great golf course. Living with family this close has not been easy and therefore Chuck and I have formed a 10 year plan. That would give us enough time to learn what we need to learn and use what equipment we have access to and then go off on our own. Maybe it would be different if the family was still farming. It is funny to think of all the people out there who love what we are doing, support us in so many ways and we almost have to beg for approval from family. Until the time comes we will cherish all the moments that we are farming here- and Chuck will still continue to say I wish my Grandfather were here to see us farm.

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Nia Sopiwnik said...

I wish Chuck's grandpa was there to see what you guys are doing too. I think he would be proud. I am proud of you guys. I thought you were crazy, well I still do, but more than that I think you are both so strong, hardworking, and have good intentions that are bigger than just the three of you.

I'm also done with your book Chuck. Hopefully we can visit this fall, I'll bring it up then.