Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'll take my cardboard over easy please.

Well, the eggs are coming fast. We have about 48 hens and we are over 3 dozen eggs a day. Though I'm having some problems rotating the movable coop behind the cows(chickens are not roosting in the coop at night), things are otherwise working well. The chickens seem to be good foragers and you can see them improve each day. This is the first time I've eaten truly free range eggs. Their yokes have a deep orange color and when you crack them over a frying pan, the eggs literally stand up in the pan.(Joel Salatin refers to this as 'muscle tone') The eggs stand up so much that I've noticed it takes longer for our eggs to cook all the way through. I like soft eggs, but I've noticed that a lot of times the whites are still runny. Which is fine with me. But, I think the biggest difference is the taste. Store bought eggs taste like cardboard compared to ours. I think our eggs have a deep earthy, meaty taste to them.
Just like our cattle and sheep, the chickens are doing most of the work for us, they forage for greens and bugs and get about 30% of their diet from the field. And during their foraging they are spreading out fertilizer for us and help keep insects in check. Beware any corporation that say they can out perform nature, out wit nature and at the same time feed the world.(and claim they are sustainable.)

My grandmother (whose farm we live and work on) currently buys her eggs from Wal-mart(she is poor so I hold nothing against her). She informed me that she buys her eggs at $.82 a dozen. Once again, you have to ask yourself how in the world can you buy a dozen eggs for under a dollar that probably have traveled at least 4 states to get to your local super market. And if we sell our eggs at $2.00 we'd be getting our butts kicked financially. Gov't spending is obviously on the corporate side. And ask yourself if you want to feed yourself or allow the Gov't to manipulate what is available to you.


Nia Sopiwnik said...

You should contribute your rants to the blog more often Chuck, I like them. I'm not being sarcastic, I really do.

Nia Sopiwnik said...

So what are you going to do with all those eggs? I wish you were closer, I'd buy some.

Anonymous said...

If your living on Grandma's farm, maybe you should give her a dozen eggs every week to help her out??

they sound good & I may have to buy some one day from you & try them.