Thursday, July 16, 2009

Become an Educated Consumer

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The above picture is a CAFO in NC

Sometimes when I hear people say 'in the news lately' I sometimes think where have I been because I have not heard what they have been hearing in the news. Well for us in the news lately has been much talk about where our food comes from, and the new movie Food Inc.. I thought I would pass along this link to you it shows you what an areal photo of big CAFO farms look like and placed amongst the earth devastating pictures is an aerial of Polyface Farm (Joel Salatin's Farm), what a huge difference. I do believe the more people are educated about where their food does come from the better choices we as consumers will make. If you think buying from a local farmers is too expensive I urge you to do some more research- we sell our lamb for $5 a pound- tell me what store will sell you pastured and organically raised meat especially lamb for that? Did you know that Walmart sells only rbst free milk, I have it on good authority as I refuse to shop at Walmart, because consumers were not buying the hormone milk- see as consumers we have the power!

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