Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jonny Apple Seed

I can't really remember what if anything I have posted about our fruit trees. About 2 years ago I took a class on growing fruit. The class was offered by Amy Sabrina at Sweetgrass Farm and taught by Frank Foltz of Wooden Ware. The class was great and got me really excited to grow fruit, especially trees. Last year was a little crazy so we didn't plant anything permenent, well not that this year is less crazy. Someone somewhere along the line said that every year they said this was the year they were going to plant apple trees and it never happened, if they had just planted one every year they would have an orchard instead they have nothing. So knowing Frank, who once had a budding nursery, I called and asked if he would trade trees for lamb. He being a live simple kind of guy loves trades so it was set. Late last winter I met him at a local coop and went through the Fedco tree catalog. He told me about ones he has and ones he really likes, it was great and he had wonderful things to say about Fedco. Anyway this spring I received a call from Frank to say that some of his trees did not make it through the winter due to mice- but he wanted to know what I wanted because he wanted to make sure that I got what I needed. To be honest I really did not know what I needed or wanted and figured really anything that Frank gave me would be great. So early this spring we met up and he handed me 13 trees and 4 grape plants. It was super cold and yucky when we planted all of them- poor Chuck he did all the digging as I was trying to keep the kid somewhat happy. Not all of them budded and the dogs ran over a couple of them but the ones that are growing look amazing! I am doing my best to keep them growing, but I have a lot to learn about caring for fruit trees. So now the bad news, Frank passed away late last week from cancer. He was an amazing man and he will be dearly missed. I am grateful to have known him and grateful for the trees and grapes that he has passed on. I hope that I can even be half the gardener he was.


Alison said...

Hi Jen! So sad about Frank. I hope your fruit and grapes will flourish so you have something to remember him by.

The Peterson Family said...

Thank you Alison- so good to hear from you- hope the dogs are loving life! How is our favorite little center of attention, Brandt?