Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy, Busy

Before we moved up here last year Chuck along with help from friends enclosed 2 acres with 5 wire fencing. This area is now our lambing pasture. Last Friday was the first possible date we were to have lambs but last year it was almost 2 weeks after the date I had figured (although maybe I was having a bad counting day) so I wanted to hold out on moving them until this past weekend. Well Saturday morning I went out to move the sheep around in the big pasture (something I do every morning and every night) and I noticed one of the ewes acting a little weird. They seem spaced out a little disoriented and she had dropped (for those not familiar with having a baby, the baby will drop into a birthing position- obviously a different position for different animals) so it was time to move them. I had hoped to have them moved either that day or the next. At least we got them all in there before she had her lamb. Then another ewe had twins this past Tuesday- I have wonderful pictures but the battery in my camera has died so I can't transfer them yet. 2 down 5 more to go! If you would like to come to the farm this summer let me know so we can get it on the calendar. Email us at

This ewe is a triplet and we are hoping this year she will actually have them herself- her udders are certainly big enough can you imagine caring that around- I will get a picture of her standing to show you
A contraction
As you can see she is having a contraction but you can also see that she has 'dropped'
Of course she picks the only area with no grass!
Happily in the Jug with her little boy

The vegetables in the garden have been taking off- so have the weeds unfortunately. This year I have 3 gardens plus 2 beds of asparagus, one planted last year and one planted this year. It is hard to believe that last year I had only one garden and we had tons of veggies- this year I have 3 and I have run out of room to plant things! We have already eaten almost all of the radishes so I need to plant more and we have also been enjoying the spinach. Last week Ilana and I went to my grandparents place and dug up raspberries for us- I wish I would have gotten pictures. It was a wonderful time and my Grandfather truly enjoyed himself. Not getting around the best these days Grandma brought him a lawn chair to sit in- he kept moving it around the garden telling me where to dig then sitting back to watch me work:) I remember picking raspberries with my Grandfather when I was young- they also had strawberries but those are long gone. I think in all I have 27 plants, I am sure some won't make it, I am looking forward to the day when we have as nice a patch as my Grandparents.

Last week the farrier came to trim the hooves on the donkeys. Having inherited them we really knew nothing about them, like when they last had their hooves trimmed, how old, were they in good condition things like that . Volunteering for the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue when I was younger we had a donkey that came in who had not had his hooves trimmed in 8 years! They should be trimmed at least twice a year some say every couple of months . The guy who came was really really great, he was kind to the animals and really patient with them. He figured they had never had a trimming and that they were about 3 year old. Which considering they live until they are in their twenties and sometimes older- we have many many more years with them! Once they were trimmed we moved them over to our 2 acre of lambing pasture. They will now live exclusively with the sheep. They are considered to be excellent protectors of sheep. Our biggest concern is coyotes getting in and taking our lambs.

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