Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring clean up

This is what it looked like before the house you can see all the trees growing in and around the truck

Stump speed bump
Ahh free at last- you can see a small tree that was growing in the frame it was so small it was easily pulled out from the roots as soon as the tractor pulled the truck out

Things are continuing to be busy- not that I thought anything would slow down. We have lambs coming next week, and eggs on the way any day, 2 litters of rabbits in a couple of weeks, besides the gardening, fence mending, milking, raising the kid, oh and the dogs feel neglected. But we are still trying to make ourselves a little more comfortable in and around the house. Chuck has been working on a larger fenced in yard for the dogs- Gretta has been on house arrest for digging up my onion plants. The fence will divide the lambing quarters and the dog park. In order to do that we had to move the yellow truck, we wanted to do this anyway although I think Chuck was dreading it- maybe even putting it off a little. But it is done now. You can see how grown in it was, although there were a couple tree Chuck wanted to save he ended up having to cut them down, there is still one piece of machinery in the dog park that will have to stay for know- the tree has become part of the machine. Chuck was amazed that the tires still had air in them he figures the truck had to be there for 30 years or more~ Crazy!

On a side note we need rain. The pasture looks great for now but I hate to think what will happen if we don't get any rain. The ground is so hard it is almost like cement. Last year I was complaining that we needed the rain to stop and warm weather to come. Having a produce garden and no rain is a pain but you are still able to irrigate. I remember someone telling me that they would prefer drought because they can manage that. Well not so for us grass farmers. We need the rain- ahh well maybe next month.