Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dogs, Friends, Fire and chickens

In the last week so much has happened. Last weekend Nia and Corey came to visit. I have not seen Nia since Chuck and I were married. Anyway it was wonderful, we really love having friends come and visit. During their visit our friend Alvin came to pick up the trailer that we lived in last summer (he had let us borrow it) and brought us 50 laying hens (well not laying yet, but soon). Chuck and Corey finished building the coop and Nia and Ilana became fast friends!
Nia and Corey brought their two dogs with them- so it was literally a dog park at our house. On Saturday we took the dogs for a long walk to the Snake River, which the property butts up to. Corey and Chuck went fishing later in the day and caught some bass and walleye- the walleye we had for dinner- it was amazing!

Now the Chickens~

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