Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A spring in my step

Wow what a beautiful day it is outside. I think it is at least 60 degrees! I have been out in my garden a couple of times already. Remember the garlic that I planted last fall well it is coming up- sorry no picture, I keep forgetting to take the camera with me. So I put some compost on them, thinking that when it rains the nutrients in the compost will leach into the garlic. I checked my asparagus but nothing so far. Everyone seems to be happy- and it is so hard to go inside and do the dishes. This weekend I am headed to Stevens Point, Wisconsin for my yearly weekend away. I am looking forward to seeing friends and being back in my old college town. The ducks have started laying eggs again- 2 a day. The other day we had 4 deer meandering through our pasture, probably looking for corn, unfortunate for them they did not find any. If you look close at the picture above you will see one of the deer- sorry it is not my best picture.
Well if it is nice and warm where you are get out and soak up some vitamin D!

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