Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Newest Addition

Meet our new cow, yet to be named, she is a jersey/short horn mix. As you know we drink raw milk so what better way to get milk than from our own cow. Most cows nowadays are part of a large herd from 100 to thousands, so where can you get a great 'backyard cow'? Well that is a really really good question to which I have no good ideas. We looked on craigslist, we looked in local papers we even look in the dairy star. Mostly we found Holsteins which for many reasons we are not interested in. There was a woman in Wisconsin who has 3 quarter cows (that is a cow who is only milking out of 3 udders) for $900 or full milkers for $1200. Then we found a guy in western Minnesota who had a short horn for $1500. I am sure that they are all great cows but for us not only is that a lot of money but we would have to drive a few hours to see either and then we still would not know for sure if they would be good cows. Having only one cow milking, it would only make sense to hand milk so you really want to have a calm well behaved cow. Talking with a neighbor of ours he suggested calling some farmers and asking them if they are thinning their herd and have any good 'backyard cows' for us. Maybe a cow who is not milking as much as they would like her to. Chuck thought about calling an organic dairy and asking if they had a cow that they treated with antibiotics and were going to sell at the sale barn. So that is what we did, we called a farmer that we knew and also called one of the farm hands that actually milks the cow and we found the cow you see. And we bought her for $400. That is probably what they would have gotten for her at the sale barn.

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