Thursday, April 9, 2009

A little history

In a time when most shop at 'big box' stores Pine City is lucky to have Sauser's a 100+ year old hardware store. Last night Sauser's was featured in Jason Davis's "On the Road" segment. When Chuck and I were getting ready to put in the sandpoint at the barn Chuck called one of those 'big box' stores to see if they had what we needed and check on prices. I listend as Chuck had to tell the person what a sandpoint was and what kind of pipe it should be. He called Sauser's and spoke to Mike, the owner, he knew exactly what we needed. Chuck went in and Mike answerd all sorts of questions including some about installing. Over and over I hear people complaining about going into those 'big box' stores and finding no one who can help. We are so very lucky to have a place like Sauser's and people working there who can help!

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