Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally a Complete Kitchen!

We were so excited to get the new kitchen in, it was only after we took out the desk and the sawhorse that were holding up the counter that we thought to take a picture.


As most of you know last year when we moved up to the farm we were living in a 32 foot travel trailer. It actually was not too bad, as for living in a hallway goes. But soon enough Chuck started building the house we now live in. The house felt like a mansion compared to the trailer. And at that point it was just walls, floors and rafters. We have slowly been adding and fixing. You might notice in the pictures that we have taken out the insulation. There was a slight problem with moisture, all I can advise is that if you are building- do not buy the insulation with the vapor backing, just buy insulation and the put up poly over that. So now the insulation is out of the walls and we are waiting for the summer when the walls are all dry and we have figured out just what is causing the moisture in our walls.
Having only 0ne big room measuring about 380 square feet we need to make every inch matter. The biggest problem, well at least for me, was the kitchen. I think I was going crazy trying to find a spot for everything and trying to keep it clean. So we took a trip to the ReUse Center in Minneaplis and found a wonderful kitchen, and double cast iron sink. I think in total we spent just under $400. At this point only one of the bases has a counter so we are looking for more counter, hopefully enough that they will all match but for now I am in love!
Soon after we had the cabinets in we put in the kitchen floor. Oh what a difference this makes. The floor is wood from my parents. About 30 years ago the lived in an old farm house that was going to be torn down and they decided to take out the oak flooring out of the house and in the barn there was a water tank made out of red wood. Real red wood not that stuff you can get at the lumber yards now. And for 30 years or so they have talked about how they wanted to use the wood but just never got around to it. Well now with my Dad's physical health there is no way he could do anything with it so we have worked out a deal with him and now we have the wood. We decided to use the red wood in the kitchen and of course it is even more beautiful then the pictures could reflect. And up against the white cabinets it is amazing!
Did I mention it is mud season? Of course just after I washed the floor a dog had to come in.

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