Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools- but no fool

So it is about time to tell you all that Chuck is a college student. I have been hoping he would tell everyone but that I guess that was not to be so I am going to brag about him. Although Chuck did attend college after high school it was really only so he could study abroad. Since January he has been attending the local community college and will soon be transferring to the University of Minnesota Agricultural College. He is a full time student, farmer, father, husband, and handyman, and he is still getting all A's! Ilana and I are so proud of him!
He is not sure exactly what he will be majoring in, but the U only has a sustainable ag minor. I am sure in addition to the sustainable classes he will be taking horticulture classes, plant and animal biology, and who knows what else. He does want to learn about conventional ways of gardening so that he can understand better why we are farming the way we are. He thinks he has at least a semester or so here at the local college so it could be as soon as next year that he will be going to the U.

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