Thursday, February 12, 2009

More breeding and the Donkeys

Sometimes I feel as though we will never catch up, same thing as last year. Before we knew it we needed a ram. This year a neighbor is letting us use his ram. The ram is a Katahdin, a hair breed. Not something that we wanted to work with but at the moment that is all we could find. I posted the need for a ram on Craigslist and although we did get several responses they happened to be after we had the Katahdin. So next year we will not be keeping any of our lambs but we are in talks with a women who has Corriedale sheep that we can get a ram lamb from. We really just need to pick a breed, well at least it might make it easier for ourselves if we just stick with one breed.

The farmer that we are borrowing the ram from also had a couple of donkeys he was looking for a home for- yep you guessed it we are now the proud owners of two donkeys. Chuck thinks we might have some kind of disease- not like a hording thing just a well we always wanted a ...... and since we found it we should just get the thing now kind of disease. I used to voluteer at the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue and when I first started is when Joey the donkey came. I really loved working with him and I loved to listen to him bray. Now that these two are getting comfortable we hear them everyonce in a while and I love it!

Hopefully we finally have LuLu bred. On Tuesday she showed signs of heat so we have our figures crossed that she took! This means she will calve in October or November- we were hoping it would be a little earlier than that, since not only is that close to deer hunting it will also be close to butchering time.

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