Saturday, February 7, 2009

FFC- Future Farm Cats

Every farm should have cats so having only one outside cat right now we decided back in December to get a couple of kittens, raise them and send them out. It has been fun watching them grow and even more fun watching Ilana play with them, check out growing up Ilana to see some more pictures. The calico we named Chloe, at first Chuck was against this since his friend Brad has a cat named Zoe- Ummm what some times I wonder about the thought process, and the grey tiger stripped is Harvey. Harvey and Ilana are best friends- it is amazing what he puts up with. All the cats get along great- and it turns out the cat stand we have for them is perfect, everyone gets a spot.
We finally saw Athelas in heat, we are not sure what we are going to do about getting her bred. We have come to realize that having more than one breed of cow is not the best idea, especially when you only have 4 cows. We love having Athlas but she is not a milk cow. I would imagine that it has nothing to do with how good her milk would be but all that hair would be a pain. And of course we think LuLu is going to be a great milk cow, but her mix of breeds is not known for great meat. So we would like to find a breed that is great milk plus great meat- not too obscure that we would not be able to find a bull- maybe a Jersey. First off Jersey has amazing milk- lots of butterfat! And many people that we have spoken to say the meat is amazing, but it has yellow fat so some people are kind of turned off. I am not saying that we are going to be making any changes anytime soon but trying to figure out our current breeding program is giving us a headache!

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Anonymous said...

You about can't go wrong with a Jersey! Once you get one, you'll get another (and another, and another). My family is definitely addicted.
Their milk is sooo good, they calve easily, are a smaller cow, and have a wonderful disposition. As for beef, the bull calves make fine beef. You won't get as much from one, but it tastes great. Our Jersey steer did not have yellow fat, but then, he was strictly grass fed, no grain whatsoever.