Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am back

I have to say it is good to be home after more than a week away! My dad is doing well, of course nothing with him can go smoothly. After surgery his heart rate was up and blood pressure low so they thought that he had a heart attack, but after several test they found that had not happened. However during the tests they found something with his kidneys, but after a couple days of testing everything came back fine. So lets hope that his healing is fast and successful! This week and next is a busy one, I have joined a group in our community to help bring to life a community garden. I am so excited about this- if anyone has any suggestions of resources that might help please pass them this way- it would be much appreciated. Most of the animals survived the cold weather- however something got the rest of our chickens and our rooster- Chuck went out to feed and water and found a trail of blood and feathers. What a bummer we really loved our rooster, and the chickens but that is part of farming. The birds were right behind the house so it is amazing that a predator would come that close it must have been really hungry.

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