Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ahh, the new year has begun. I can't believe another year has passed, and this one is starting out just as crazy as the last. We just had our lambs sent to butcher on Monday. We lambed late so the lambs were not ready until now. The place that we finally chose to have them butchered at comes to the farm to slaughter. Which in theory is great for the animals, and for us. Last year we took the lambs in and watching Chuck catch them and carry them into the back of the trailer was great for me, but he really did not like it. Especially when you have a lamb weighing in at 125 pounds! We certainly learned what to do better next year. This being only our second year we are no where close to knowing what we are doing. In all we had 8 lambs butchered, we kept 3 ewe lambs to increase our flock. I am glad that it is done as I think Chuck is and we are definitely looking forward to lamb in the freezer. We did have a last minute crisis where someone who had ordered a whole lamb backed out after we had them slaughtered. I had been in contact with everyone that was ordering so having someone back out that late was really frustrating. Being a small farm it would have been hard to absorb that cost. But two friends decided they could split the lamb and save the day! So thank you Ahna and Mike! 


Anonymous said...

I suppose the butcher had less commitments this time of year? Do you plan on butchering them up yourselves in the future?

The Peterson Family said...

I am not sure about the butcher, we were just late in lambing. Yes Chuck would love to butcher them himself. We had them slaughtered at the farm which was great but the guy who did does not care for our animals as much as we do and it showed, we were a little disappointed. The slaughtering is the hardest part for Chuck. I am not sure I could do any of it.