Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I thought once winter was here, as we can consider it here since we now have snow, things would slow down. But that is not so. We finally have a ceiling but no insulation in it yet, that is a project for this weekend. There is still plenty of work to be done outside, and we are still getting our house organized. Chuck moved what we call the coop closer to the house that is what we are using for an outhouse. Not your normal outhouse, it is actually really nice. I wont go into all the details but if you are interested check out the Humanure website.

I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about a program that I have become involved with. It is called Horizons, it is a program geared to reduce poverty by strengthening leadership and community. The program is 18 months long and divided into 4 segments the communities involved have to meet requirements of each segment to continue. We are onto segment two which is called LeadershipPlenty. For this segment 3 members of each community are trained to become LeadershipPlenty trainers in their communities. I was fortunate to become one of those trainers. So last week for 3 days I was in training. I loved it and can not wait to train community members. The whole program is about educating, discussing and then putting our community into action. This program is fascinating to me. My grandmother told me she thought I would be perfect for this program since I am poor. Well thanks, I think:) That is not exactly what the whole program is about, the first segment is what they call a study circle in this circle small groups of community members got together to discuss what poverty is and what it looks like in our community. Since we just moved here in June I felt that I did not have a really good understanding of what poverty looks like in our community. I have to admit I am not really sure what poverty looks like. I mean yeah we all have an idea of what it looks like. But Chuck and I are "in poverty" but we are not unhappy and we certainly do not want help leaving where we are. It is slow going but I know one day, one month, and maybe one year it will come that we will not be living paycheck to paycheck, but we are happier now then we were when we were in the 'rat race'. We have people all the time tell us how they envy what we are doing. Okay, okay so I am sure there are people who do not want to be in poverty- but what do they want to be in then? What I think is, before we can understand poverty or even eradicate it we have to redefine it, and stop putting a monetary value on our lives. Sorry for the little rant there~ I will keep you posted on how we are doing. Each community is keeping a blog please feel free to check Pine City's out.

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Jennifer --

We're so fortunate to have your enthusiasm for the Horizons program and the Downtown Leadership Group. Big kudos to you for all you do for Pine City!