Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Salamander and Asparagus

Last week while adding more compost to my asparagus I noticed a salamander hiding in the compost pile. As a kid I remember finding them all the time in our pile. I imagine they love the heat that a pile of decomposing veggies and straw mixed with manure puts off. This guy was just a little one- I guess I am not sure how big they get as when I was a kid everything seemed bigger. 
On to asparagus, this being the first time I have ever grown the stuff, or really had any contact with the plants. My mom said that one year she had intended to plant some roots that she had gotten but months later they were decomposing in our basement she never tired again. I am anxious to see how they come up next year- I think that I will be able to pick some as I bought one year roots and then they grew this year so I think next year that would make they 3 years old. Earlier this year I had tasted some asparagus that my friend Alvin was selling and it was amazing- I mentioned that I was starting to grow some this year and he told me mine wont be as good as what he had- good salesman- but that seemed like a challenge. So I sure hope they grow next year!

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