Thursday, October 23, 2008

Up to 6

Okay, okay in all fairness we inherited this one. This is Shep- he was Chuck's grandparent's dog. He now lives with us only because he wont leave, not that we want him to but I just want to point out he invited himself. He is such a good dog, he is really good with Ilana, and follows Chuck everywhere.  Since moving in he has lost weight and seems to be doing better with his arthritis. We switched him to raw food- which was not hard at all. So now we have 6 dogs- And no more on the way!

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Mike W. said...

Yes, some animals pick you! It's good to hear that you are feeding him raw food. I don't hear of very many people feeding dogs what they should eat. Our dogs are on a raw food diet too. They are just healthier that way.