Saturday, October 4, 2008

Things we left out

When we started this blog over a year ago, I guess we have to admit it was out of some frustration. The farm that we gave up our lives for had betrayed our kindness, our eagerness to work, and our love for farming. In a way we were heart broken, and I think that we wanted this "journal" as a way of proving that we could succeed. At the moment we are over our heart break, but we are dealing with another emotion. Some of you, as family and close friends, are aware of our current struggle, while most we have chosen to leave in the dark, not because we are ashamed or embarrassed, but because it affects more than just the 3 of us. This blog like a journal is a place to chronicle everything happening in our lives not just as it relates to our farming. And who knows maybe some of you have struggled or are struggling with something similar. So this is what we have left out:
As you know we are living on family land. Chuck's grandparents farmed this land. Chuck's mother and her two brother's grew up here. One uncle, we call him Sonny, and his wife live across the street, Chuck's mom lives closer to the cities, and his other uncle shares the property with us. The uncle that shares the land has been diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. The diagnosis was years ago, and he chooses not to take medication. Now we knew this when we moved up here. I guess we really did not know what to expect. We were told about some of his tendencies and I guess we felt that it would not be a big issue. We would keep to ourselves and hope he would do the same. Once we started putting fencing up this past spring is when things started, and once the animals were brought up was when it really exploded. A couple of months ago Chuck and I were forced to get a restraining order. The order states he is not allowed to speak to us, almost immediately he violated the order. Then last weekend he violated it again and was taken to jail. We had hoped that the judge would have ordered him to get a physiological evaluation, but no such luck. You see Chuck's mom had petitioned the court for guardianship and it was denied. If it would have gone through he would have gone in for an evaluation and if nothing else at least been put on medication. So why am I putting this in our blog. Well it has become a huge part of our lives, a daily struggle. One of the doctor's Chuck saw during his worst said that she has seen stress do things like what was going on with his body. The stress of essentially first time farming, first time father and protecting his family from a potentially dangerous man who also happens to be family, was to much for Chuck's body. Oh, and this uncle is not just any family member but one who taught him to fish and hunt, someone at one time he looked up to. I have to say we are not scared of him, although he is pretty scary, we are however cautious. This past week has been extremely stressful to say the least. So now you know the whole story.

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