Monday, October 20, 2008

Sandhill Cranes

This past month has been so beautiful between the fall colors and the birds migrating. When I have been out in the morning moving the sheep the skies are full of the sounds of sandhill cranes. I just love hearing them. I know the pictures above really do not show you the beauty of the bird- check out an earlier post of mine for a better picture if you are not sure what they look like. The cranes have not stopped in our fields since they are not really interested in grass, but Chuck said that he saw about 30 of them down the road in a corn field. Soon they will be gone, and so will the leaves. 
We are getting ready for winter, the grass is not growing much at all and we are having to move the animals more frequently. They seem to be slowing down on their eating or getting picky about what they eat. The paddocks that I have the sheep in seem to be not as eaten down as they have been. Chuck said the same about where the cows are. We were wondering if the grasses start tasting a little different as it gets closer to winter, because I can not imagine that they are full! 

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