Saturday, September 13, 2008

A year!

It has been a year now since our first post. I can't believe we have come this far. These past few years have felt like a hurricane. I hope after this winter things will finally slow down for us. Our goal with starting this blog was a sort of documentary, a way that others who might be inexperienced like us might find some help from some of our mistakes. A way for us to track our progress, our woes and our success. And of course a way for family and friend to track what is going on. What we did not predict is all the help this blog would bring to us. Posting has lead to comments which have lead to steering us in the right direction or just plain telling us what to do. We can not be more grateful to those who check in on us. Things are certainly tough right now. We are still trying to catch up from Chuck being sick. We knew things would be tough this first year, and we knew that we would be poor, and we certainly are! Family and friends have been so supportive and giving, and we are very grateful. 
Fall butcher is getting closer, the lambs are getting bigger and bigger. Last year we butchered mid September, granted the lambs were born in May, the lambs were big weighing around 125 pounds. This being our second year and out on our own we are doing a lot of comparing. The lambs are getting big, but are they as big as they were last year at 2 and a half months? Last year we had a very dry August and we had to supplement with hay, this year we have not had to supplement at all. We are hoping that we will be able to continue to graze into November, last year with moving to my dad's we started feeding hay the end of September. 
The picture above is from our veggie garden. The garden did really well with no supplemental watering. Corn is a crop that is self pollinating. The picture above is of the male part of the plant- look close those thing hanging down drop with the wind and need to "hook up" with the hair like part of the corn cob- the female part. Each 'hair' is connected to one corn cornel, if all the 'hook ups' happens then you get a beautiful full cob of corn cornels- fascinating!!

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Anonymous said...

hey there,
this is just inspiring. i'm so proud of you, you're making a difference and showing us that although it's hard, it is completly doable. just wanted to let you know how impressed i am with your beautiful farm and family. way to live the dream!!

your long lost pal,
sarah millslagle