Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back on line

I apologize it has been so long since I last posted. Things have been busy. Around the 20th of July Chuck became really sick. He was in bed for a few days with a fever and then when it finally broke he had all these spots on his body. We have been to the doctor several times and Chuck has been tested for almost everything imaginable with no outcome. He is feeling better and is back to work, but during our visits they found some irregularity in his heart. He had several test done including having to wear a heart monitor for 48 hours. He still needs to have a stress test done and then we are to speak with a cardiologist. From the test they found that he has some double and triple heart beats, which is not that abnormal but good idea to have checked out. I am sure everything is fine.

Ilana is getting so big and starting to walk, I can't believe she will be a year next month! The animals are doing well.
We had a major problem with parasites in our sheep. We seem to have it under control now but was a month of constant worry! The lambs are growing fast and we are hoping to have them butchered late November or early December. Our milk cow came into heat and we had her A.I'ed ( artificial insemination) we hope that it took and that she will give birth sometime next April. Cows have a nine month gestation just like us.
It is getting pretty cold here- this morning the grass was a little crunchy. We had a really good garden this year and I have been busy canning and freezing. So far I have:
20 pints of strawberry jam
14 pints strawberry rhubarb jam
60 pints crushed tomatoes
20 quarts and 7 pints of peaches
12 pounds of raspberries frozen waiting to be made into jam
40 bags of green beans
80 cups of rhubarb
10 bags of peas- sno and podded
30 pints of frozen blueberries
40 cups of sour cherries

I still have more green beans to pick, jalapeno peppers to pickle, and apple sauce to be made. This winter should be wonderful!

We have started getting our winter shelter ready to move into, we are hoping by the end of the month to be all moved in.

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Mike W. said...

I just love seeing sheep on grass!

Good to hear that Chuck is feeling better. It is much harder on a farm when the father is out sick.

God bless, Mike