Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's up

At the moment I happen to be sitting in a hospital. Kinda weird how much I have been in a hospital lately, since Chuck and I chose not to even have Ilana in the hospital. But my dad has an appointment and he is unable to drive for at least a month and a half. It is a hard time to be away from the farm as our ewes could lamb at any moment, so I really hate to leave. Things are going well, although we could do with a few less mosquitoes. I heard that this year is going to be a bad one, something like 3 years of eggs to hatch since it was so dry the past few years, and now it is wet enough for them. At night laying in bed the sound of mosquitoes surrounds us. YUCK!

Chuck has been busy working at the farm down the road then coming home and getting things done at our farm. He moved the cows to new pasture, and we hope to string up another wire, we only have two at the moment, and move the sheep in to clean the rest of the grass up. We really want our farm to focus on rotating. Chuck finished building a shelter where we are now locking the sheep in at night. Since they are so close to lambing we don't want them to lamb in the field at night attracting predators. Yesterday he added jugs to the enclosure. A jug is the term used for an area where once the ewe lambs she and her lamb(s) go to get aquatinted. He set two up just in case two give birth close to each other. The ewe and her lamb(s) stay in the jug for 2 to 3 days then everyone knows each other, and the lambs get really good at nursing. A jug is not very big, just big enough so she can turn around. The ewes are certainly getting fat! I do feel bad for them as today they are saying temps in the upper 80's.

The planted field is growing well, the sun and dry weather is helping everything grow a little faster, however we do not want to see it stay this way, a nice rainy day once or twice a week is fine by us.

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