Friday, May 16, 2008

What we're moving??

Yep, things are happening so fast I can't believe it! On September 3rd was our very first post to this blog. A little over 8 months and we are moving to Pine City. Well, not right at this moment but next weekend. We don't have a house to live in, water or electricity, but we are heading to the farm. Our friend Alvin is letting us use his 32 foot travel trailer until we build something to live in. I know some of you are going to really think we are weird and maybe crazy, but that's okay.
We are picking up the trailer this coming Wednesday, then Friday is Chuck's last day at his job, then we have to figure out how to get the animal up north.
Oh, by the way Chuck spoke to the farmer that we bought Athelas from and it turns out she might not calve until sometime in June~ not April! Now that we are moving we hope that she keeps her hind legs crossed until we get her up onto fresh pasture.
I know you are thinking 'is it not going to be cold come December living in a travel trailer?' Well, yeah but we don't plan to be in the trailer until December- more like November. Having this travel trailer lets us take our time building something to live in. Our plan is still to build a building that will eventually be a shop, after we figure out exactly what we are going to build for our permanent house. So stay tuned.

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