Saturday, May 24, 2008


Chuck called and the field has been planted!! Friday morning Chuck was able to disc the field one more time before the planting began. With everything seeming to happen at once we ended up hiring someone to plant. I was going to try and walk seed it and Chuck talked about fixing the grain drill that is up there (I will get pictures it is built to be drawn by horses), but there is just to much work to be done. 
The seed we bought from Doug Gunnick of Dutch Mill in Gaylord Minnesota, I don't have the total pounds in front of me but I do know the seed cost close to $450, not including the oats he bought from a coop in the Pine City area. Then we hired the guy that we bought our hay from this past winter to plant- 8 acres for $300! Turns out we guessed wrong on acreage and there is 11 acres so Chuck had to run and buy more seed another $100, and he has not gotten a chance to talk to the planter and see how much he will charge for the additional 3 acres. Now we are just waiting for rain, but not too much just enough to get the seeds to germinate. We need a good crop so we can harvest hay to put up for winter. That is one thing about farming you never seem to live in the season, you are always planning for the next one. 

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