Friday, May 30, 2008

Money saving Tip #2

First off I don't want to suggest to you that Chuck and I are some sort of money saints, we certainly have our debt- just ask our parent to whom we owe money:) For those that buy natural or organic and would like to save money you should check out buying clubs. We are part of a United Buying Club group. But there are others like Azure. You can order anything you can imagine from dairy, to toiletries, to clothes. The catch, you need a group because there is a minimum dollar amount, several things only come in bulk, and you only order once a month. There are already several groups established if you contact the company they can direct you to the ones in your area, and you can split the bulk items with your group members. We really like it, mainly we buy recycled paper products, organic dry baking supplies, organic toiletries and natural cat litter. An examples of what we buy, organic sugar for baking, we buy a 25# bag for about $20. So we pay around $.80 a pound for organic sugar. Yep it is a lot of sugar but we don't buy any baked goods we make them, it probably takes us about 2-3 months to go through all the sugar. Basically clubs like United sell to grocery stores and Coops the more you order the more discount you get. The club that we are apart of gets an additional 10% off the listed price because we on average order a huge volume of stuff. Between the club, Alvin our recent meat purchase and our farm you will rarely find us in the grocery store.

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