Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Funny thing milk is. I have to say I have learned more about milk in the past couple years than I thought possible. Growing up I think we always had 2%, then I got into college and switched to skim trying to "watch my weight." Then I remember I started to buy a certain brand's select because that was not supposed to have the hormones in it. (Speaking with my grandmother a month or so ago she stated that she does not buy select anymore because she does not trust that it is hormone free, just another reason to buy from a farmer you know and trust.) A couple years into college I started not being able to drink milk or even eat yogurt. So I started drinking soy milk- which I thought was healthier for me (which it is not and if you drink soy I would encourage you to do some research). Then I stopped even drinking that, it was water and juice for me.  Until a few years ago when I met a woman who introduced us to raw milk. I had never heard of such a thing. But she told me if you are lactose intolerant you should try raw milk. 

Okay so what is raw milk? Well, it is the milk almost straight from the cow. 
Almost? Well it is usually filtered and cooled. 
The milk you buy in the grocery store is pasteurized and most likely homogenized the milk we drink is neither. 
I would encourage everyone to learn more about milk.  A really good book to read to start learning is The Milk Book

We drink raw because we can digest it, we really like it and it is really really good for us. The milk we drink is whole there is no cream taken from it so I would imagine  it is probably around 4% . 
Plenty of our friends think we are weird and are even afraid to drink our milk. I am not sure what they think it will taste like but I can promise you it tastes just like milk. 

So what are the benefits of raw milk?
There are so many.  I suggest reading the article Drink it Raw it is a long one but is really informative. It will change the way you think of milk.

We know several people who drink raw but we know it is not for everyone. So when you go to the grocery store to buy milk the best thing you can do for your body and if you have children this is so important- buy organic, buy whole, buy non-homogenized and never buy ultra-pasteurized (the idea that a product like milk can or should stay fresh for months is not good). 

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