Friday, May 30, 2008

Livin' the simple life

Tomorrow Ilana and I head up to Pine City for a couple days so I can finish planting the vegetable garden. It has been a long crazy week and I can definitely say I am ready to be completely up to the farm, but that is not to be. You see when this whole moving to my dad's started he was supposed to be going to Florida to work- long story but it ended up not happening and then they laid him off in December, then last month they told him he was permanently laid off. I can not imagine working your whole life, raising a family and being so close to retirement and then losing your job. I am not sure what he is going to do, he is talking about selling the house but in this market who knows when or if that will happen. And then there is his health, years ago my dad was in an accident as a result he has terrible back and neck damage and without going into too much history they are now telling him he needs surgery. Ilana and I took him to the doctor this week so he could get a steroid injection in his back to help with the pain, after almost 2 and a half days he says he is a little better but not much. So we will see, basically when he goes in for surgery I will need to be here to take care of him, his dog, and the house. And then if he decides to sell Chuck and I are going to need to help him get the house ready. So like I said I am more then ready to be up in Pine City. 

Anyway on to better things. Chuck was back in Big Lake yesterday afternoon and then left this afternoon back to Pine City, he loaded up his trailer and his truck, taking the rabbits with him. Now all we need is to get the chickens and the ducks up there. We have decided to wait until our hen hatches the eggs she has been sitting on. The incubation period is 21 days, but I am really not sure when we decided to just let her lay but I think it has got to be getting close. I think she has close to 15 eggs under her, I keep checking the coop listening for peeping. 

As you know we have no electricity and no phone line so keeping you informed might not be a daily thing, but we promise to post at least once a week, maybe more if we can. 

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