Monday, May 19, 2008

Hay and Pullets

The end of the hay is just around the corner. When we started this past winter we were unsure of how much hay we would need to get us through spring, but we made it. Even with adding another cow. When it is all said and done we will have gone through 225 bales of hay! We are hoping to not have to buy hay next year, instead we hope to plant crop that we will be able to harvest. We just need the fields to dry out enough that we can work them and plant them. Chuck read that because it has been so wet and cold many farmers have not been able to get out in the fields resulting in something like only 10% of the corn and oats being planted. Last year with the drought hay was hard to grow resulting in $5 a bale hay and this year with farmers getting a late start who knows what is going to happen. 

On a brighter side our hatched hen is laying pullet eggs. Right around 5 months after a hen has hatched she will start laying eggs. Our chicks hatched on December 14 so today is pretty close to 5 months. A pullet egg is much smaller than a regular hen's eggs as you can see in the picture. Of the 5 chicks that hatched we only have one hen, they say that the first year of a hens life she will lay close to 256 eggs! Each year after that the number declines, I am not sure by how much, but the eggs get bigger as she gets older and eventually she stops laying. Chuck and I both enjoy raising hens, we hope that one day we will have enough hens to provide us with eggs to take to the farmers market in Pine City. But right now we are just focusing on providing for our family.

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Anja said...

Hello Jennifer.

I was doing a search in Minnesota for pullets and your website came up. Very nice. I looked at pictures of your daughter...look at the little butt...cute!

I got 8 chicks for mother's day. One died right away and then last week, the neighbor dog got 4 of my pullets. I was very disappointed. Anway, I am looking to buy some pullets right around the same age-- about 2 months. Do you know of any? Preferably raised on non-medicated organic feed. If you do, please email me at my facebook page.

I hope you and your family are doing well.

Take care,