Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Green is the future

The livestock trailer
Any volunteers??
This is a good thing- I promise
You can almost taste the grass in the air!

Finally we were ready to move the animals, the fence is up and the grass is waiting. When we moved everyone to my dad's last fall we were able to use a regular trailer- of course modified so it had high walls and a roof, but now that everyone is bigger and we have cows we needed a livestock trailer. We have to say we are so lucky to have such good people surrounding us. Our neighbor and good friend to my dad has a 4 horse trailer that he was kind enough to let us use- Thanks Steve! With such a big trailer we were able to get everyone in one trip. Well besides the chickens and the ducks. They all loaded up fairly easy, of course it helped that they were hungry and willing to do just about anything to get some food. The trailer had a divide so we put the 6 ewes and Martina in the front and LuLu and Athelas in the back. They are all set for the hour and a half trip up to greener pastures! 

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