Monday, May 19, 2008

Fencing, friends, and fun

The posts after they were debarked
Richter with a 4" dirt auger (thanks Jay) and Brad following through to make the holes bigger and deeper for the posts
If you look close you can see a double

What a weekend! In the hopes of finishing the fencing Chuck asked a couple friends to come up and help. Chuck and Eric (Richter) went up on Friday night, and Brad and Jamie came Saturday morning. Ilana, the dogs and I also went up Saturday morning. My goal was to start working on the garden. It was a weird day weather wise. It would be sunny and warm then cold and breezy. At one point a dark cloud came over head bring rain and nickel sized hail. The fencing is not finished yet but we are getting closer. All the posts are in we just need to get the wiring up. Chuck thinks he will be able to finish the fence this week and hopefully be able to bring the animals up by the end of the week. 

I was not as productive when it came to the garden. Chuck had disced an area the week that he was up and then on Saturday morning. Essentially all that did was take large clumps of grass and turn it under leaving a small layer of dirt on top. I have had to hand pull these clumps out of the garden, my legs, arms and back certainly got a workout. As I write this Chuck is changing the oil in a tiller that we hope to bring up and work the garden a little more. 
It was a good productive weekend and we are all really tired!

We are so grateful to Richter, Brad and Jamie- Thanks Guys!!

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