Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A weekend away

Sandhill Cranes along highway 54 in Black River Falls Wisconsin

Doug's house

Doug's dog Paco

This past weekend Ilana and I went to Stevens Point, Wisconsin to visit a good friend who also happens to be a former professor of mine, Doug Post. Along the way we stopped to visit my friend Eric his wife, Kyle, and their 7 week old little boy named Owen, in Black River Falls. Owen is so cute and so little compared to Ilana. Ilana has not seen a baby younger or smaller than her, she certainly was intrigued, her big eyes grew even bigger. After a wonderful homemade chicken soup we were off. On our way we saw lots of sandhill cranes, what a magnificent bird.

When we arrived in Point I realized it was Trivia. Now those that are not from the area this is a huge event that most of the town participates in. This year was the 39th year of the world's largest trivia event. I never really got into trivia but I know alumni that travel back every year to participate. My friend Andrea is one such person, her and her husband a former 90 FM deejay really get into it. I remember years back going to a movie with Andrea and she was taking notes- to use for trivia. If I remember right last year their team was in the top 10, which is a huge deal.

Ilana enjoyed our time with Doug walking along his 60 acres listening to a early toad in the pond and just relaxing. The last picture above is an old boot of Doug's hanging on his fence post. Doug is a true cowboy growing up on a ranch, he said that putting an old pair of boots on the fence is a western thing. On his property I saw several old boots, and one pair in the house waiting to find their post.

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Andrea said...

I didn't get your message that you would be in Point until we arrived back in Asheville. We ended up in 16th place (respectable), i LOVED the snow on Friday night, and it would have been great to see you.

perhaps we should coordinate this for next year??