Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring is in the air

This is a view from the back of the property looking toward the house- you can see the roof of the house in the background

Ilana and I went for a walk today being it was close to if not 50 degrees. I love this time of year, it gets you motivated to do things- and we have things to do. While on the walk I realized we have not really talked about or shown pictures of where we are living. This past October Chuck and I moved into the basement of my fathers home. I am not really sure when my parents bought the property but the house was built in 1996. The house sits on almost 11 acres which butts up to the Sand Dunes State Forest. We really love it out here, although there is not much grass and plethora of sand burs. For a few years my dad's house was the first on the left now I think we are the 8th. Anyway it is wonderful to be able to take a walk into the back woods, but by no means are we wanting to extend our stay. We are hoping to be able to move up to Pine City in June. Tag and Greta came with us on our walk. Ilana loves going outside and really likes going in her stroller.

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