Sunday, April 27, 2008

Still Waiting!

Still no calf. I suppose it is good and bad. With this crappy Minnesota weather we have been having we really would rather Athelas wait. At least until the ground absorbs more of this moisture so that when it does rain we don't have such a muddy mess. 

On Saturday we went and picked up half of cow that we ordered from a farmer friend of ours, Bill. Bill actually lives in Pine City and raises Scottish Highlanders which he breeds with Angus. Hopefully this will be the last time that we have to buy meat, what a feeling to be able to provide for your family. We honestly have not tried the beef yet, we are hoping it is better than the last half we got, which was from another farmer. Bill is not certified organic, only because he has not filled out the paper work. That does not matter much to us, the two most important things to us is local and grass fed. Now I know organic is important but we figure if a farmer who cares enough and is educated enough to graze his cows will follow organic standards. I am not sure on the cost but I know to become certified organic is not cheap, and that cost is then passed on to consumers. Besides we try to visit the farm where we are going to be buying from, or at least know someone who has that we trust. When you visit you can see how the animals are treated, what their living conditions are, and feel comfortable and confident with the meat that you will be eating. We really feel that as consumers we need to quit relaying on the government to tell us what to eat and who to buy from and start doing our own research. 

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