Monday, April 28, 2008

Naked day


What does it feel like to be stripped of your clothing, clothing that you have been wearing for at least a year? I would imagine it would be like wearing a parka and then within minutes be in nothing but a bikini, and unable to put the parka back on. On a 30 degree day I am sure a little nippy! This was our first year having to get our ewes breed and then sheared. It does not sound like a hard job, but for some reason it seemed harder than it should have been. The ram was easy we had a friend that let us rent hers, the shearing now that was another story. This winter while reading a sheep book, it said that since sheep shearing was a dying art but not the act of raising the sheep book your shearer early. Ummm shearer?? Where the heck were we going to find someone, yellow pages, nope. I put an add on craigslist- no bites, only someone else looking for a shearer. As a back up we knew that if we were desperate we could load the girls up and take them to New Prague where Patty, who we got the ewes from, has a shearer every year on good Friday, but really not ideal. Only having a few ewes we knew that we were not worth while for some, so we called Susane- you know the one who we got Tag from, and the ram. She gave us two numbers one for a guy in Wisconsin and the other for Larry in Belle Plaine. Well long story short Larry was here this morning. It was so fun to watch, it took him less than an hour to shear the 6 ewes which produced 80 pounds of wool! They look so funny, all white and clean, but a little naked! Larry said that they look really good, and 80 pounds is really good for 6 ewes.

Pheeew! Check sheep sheared off our list!

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