Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Along with reading other people's blogs I love being apart of Yahoo groups. I think that I am a member of at least 15 groups. There are groups for whatever you are interested in, feeding your pets the BARF diet, raising your child the Weston A. Price way, even the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue has a group. For about a year I had talked about starting my own group. I felt like there was a group that I wanted to belong to but it was not out there yet. That is when Minnesota Modern Homesteading came about. Setting out to be farmers Chuck and I also longed for the feeling of community. That sense of community is what we wanted with the Yahoo group. In this fast paced, easy to connect world our communities are not just where we live our communities can stretch across the world. MM Homesteading we hope will be a place where people can talk about what interests them with regard to homesteading, whether it be livestock, gardening, food preservation, alternative construction or renewable energies. We also hope that MM Homesteading will be a place where you can buy, sell or trade goods. Maybe you make beautiful hand sewn quilts but don't live where you can raise your own meat, our hope is that MM Homesteading will help you connect with someone who is willing to trade. Or maybe you are interested in canning and have no idea where to start, I am sure you will find plenty of help at MM Homesteading.  If this sounds like a group that you would like to be apart of then we invite you to join our community. 

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