Saturday, April 19, 2008

Any day now

We are waiting-patiently, I think. Wondering, watching, always checking. Is she really pregnant? When will the calf come? Will there be problems? If there are problems will she let us help her? Will Chuck be home when it happens or will I be all alone?? This will be our first cow to calve at Duskwind Farm. Chuck has experience with cows calving, I have seen a cows in labor but not a actual birth. When we were looking to buy a cow we knew that we wanted an older cow- one that has at least calved once. We might not know exactly what to do but we figure if she has done it before our chances of success are greater. 

Athelas for the most part seems comfortable here, she is still a little timid of Chuck and I, but I am sure that will go away. It is so exciting that our farm is actually coming to life, now we just need to get to Pine City. We are getting there, Chuck was up this weekend preparing. Our first goal is fencing. Once that is up the animals can be there- hopefully eating lots of lush green pasture. Then the living quarters- we can't wait! 

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