Monday, March 17, 2008

Q: How much does a Great Dane pee?

First off, NO we did not get another dog. Although I would love to have a Great Dane. This is Jota (pronounced Hota) he is part of the Jara-Bishop family. Anha, Selena, and Xavier's dog. They are off on a vacation and Ilana and I are house and dog sitting. Jota is not the only dog they own, just the most famous. I have known Jota since he was a little puppy hiding under my skirt, not so little now. He is a gorgeous dog and has a personality to boot! Ramona and Greta are here with us as well and they are having a great time. The back yard is fenced in so the dogs are running and chasing each other all day and spending the nights curled up on the couch. Jota is not so sure about Ilana, I catch him looking her direction every once in a while, but if he sees that I see him he pretends to be looking at something else. Such a big dog to be scared of such a little girl. Ramona and Greta are sleeping in bed with Ilana and I and last night Jota wanted to join us but Ramona would not have that. I felt sorry for him poor guy can't even sleep in his own bed. So how much does a Great Dane pee? Well, enough to drown a digital camera!

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