Friday, March 21, 2008

Puppies, snow, and what's good about Friday

Ilana and I continue our stay at the Jara-Bishop home. It is snowing, I am not sure how much snow we will get but I am sure it won't stay long. I have to say I am ready for spring. I am sure the farm animals are ready too! At the moment we are looking for someone to come shear our sheep. So if anyone knows someone please pass them our way. The new cow, big red, is due to calve soon. The man we bought her from said, "well it could be the end of March or sometime in April"~ not a lot of help. But she has calved before so I am sure there will not be any problems. Chuck returned the ram last weekend, hopefully all the ewes are pregnant, and hopefully with twins or triplets. We can expect the lambs sometime starting in June. 
The puppies are about 2 weeks old and they are being fostered along with their mom at the Jara-Bishop home there are 8 puppies in all. A few days ago their eyes opened and they began to explore their surroundings. They seem to be communicating more as well- not just humming and squeaking but almost a barking sound. Ilana does not really seem interested, but it is still fun anyway. 
Well if you celebrate Easter enjoy- oh and happy spring! 

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