Friday, February 22, 2008

Yet another addition

Kishka is looking at the treats to make sure Mowgli does not steal any and Tag is to interested in what Oliver is doing to care that I am taking pictures.

I know, I know is it not enough to have 4 dogs?? Okay so when you have one dog the best thing is to get another, you would be amazed at how much easier two are to take care of than just one. And then a third well, that just means more to play with and then when you add the fourth you really don't notice and by the fifth there really is not a huge difference- oh and yes we do have two cats inside and two cats outside. So who is this dog? Her name is Tag and she is a border collie- and if you know breeds at this moment I am sure you are laughing or at least asking out loud if we are *$@# CRAZY! Tag is an almost 4 year old trained herding dog. Tag came from a friend of ours who trains dogs to herd. Tag was just not aggressive enough for what they wanted. Anyway long story short we have a working dog in the family. We have had her for about 4 weeks and she is fitting in just fine. Her and Greta love to run and chase each other, Tag pretty much ignores the other dogs. But not the cats- she is obsessed, the cats on the other hand are not very fond of her, and it is kind of annoying. But it has been so cold that we have not gotten to use her a whole lot so with this warmer weather we are hoping to wear her out!

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