Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still dazed and confused

As you know Chuck and I planning to build a house, hopefully starting this spring. We started out this process by talking about our goals, self-sustainable, living off the land, using the environment to our benefit and the like. I started searching the internet for house building tips and any ideas that people were willing to share. Then a month ago while talking with a friend we were introduced to Hunt Utilities Group. I started searching their website and learning about straw bale houses and cob building, our ideas were taking on new directions. Yesterday we had the opportunity to tour the campus at Hunt Utilities and talk with Paul Hunt, who is a really smart man! Above are a few pictures I manage to take, we were so busy that I forgot to take pictures! We were hoping that visiting and talking with the group would help us find a direction. It certainly helped in some ways but has left us wanting more information. We spent 4 and a half hours touring and talking, we were definitely exhausted in the end. The problems that we have number one being that we just don’t know of any other place in Minnesota where there is a cob/straw bale structure that someone is using. We also need a contractor that is willing to work with us and help us find how to best build what we need, we also need a plumber and an electrician. We could start calling places and hopefully find someone who won’t laugh at us, but I thought I would post this and maybe someone out there reading this knows someone or is someone who might be able to help us. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!


MOMP said...

Looks interesting, I'm anxious to hear about the trip. It would be fun to see more pictures.

Isabel said...

We just found out about cob houses also; now my husb and I are so interested to find out more! We would be thinking about northern MN... be sure to post what else you find out!!!