Sunday, February 10, 2008

-40 to -50 windchill and fruit loops

Well, we got some nice weather here this weekend. I spent sometime cleaning out our shelter for the animals and gave them some nice new straw before the cold weather got here yesterday. I figured if I'm going to be inside next to the fire with a nice locally brewed beverage, they should be as comfortable as possible as well.

Speaking of locally made products. During our time living at my father-in-laws and getting ready to move up to Pine City I have been working at a feed mill. I won't mention the company name, but they are quite big. And it's a job, I really disagree with the product they produce. I think Michael Coreleone from the Godfather said it best, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." 6 miles from home, ok pay and good benefits is all I need right now until we are in Pine City.
Anyway, they make feed for dairy cows and some beef cows. They basically mix byproducts of animals and plants add some vitamins and minerals and feed it to cows. All of the plants that they add to their feeds are all byproducts(thus no nutritional value) except whole corn. Then they also add pork meat and bone meal, blood meal and fat. They no longer use cow by-products. No, not cause of some morel reason, because of a little thing called Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy aka Mad Cow Disease. Little foot note here: not a single case of BSE, anywhere, has ever turned up in cattle that were raised and finished on pasture grass or organic feed. *from Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Another big ingredient that they add is outdated cereal. No, not just bran flakes and Special K, they add Fruit Loops, Captian Crunch and any other cereal that you would probably forbid your child to eat.
Ok, now for the vitamins and minerals they add to the feed to make the feed somewhat 'nutritious'. Here are a few locations they receive their vitamins and minerals:
  • Xinchang County, Zhejiang China then this product is distributed by a company in New Jersey
  • Finland distributed by company in Texas
  • Switzerland
Besides the plant and animal byproducts. Why are we feeding animals products from the other side of the world? I wonder what the gas mileage is on that barge.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck - nice blog. First time I've really checked it out. (Kyle reads it often though.) Hi to Jen and good luck with the move to Pine City.