Monday, January 7, 2008


Our first duck eggs! And just in time~ I hope to be collecting them all week to bring to our midwife who has a child with chicken egg allergies. This weather has been crazy for January but I am not complaining, we have many things to do this year to get ready for our move and having warm weather sure helps. Last weekend we were up in Pine City it felt so good. We are both really excited about starting our homestead! We know that there is a lot of work to be done and it might take years before we finally have everything we want but it sure feels good to be on the right track.
We have designed a house plan using a plan that we found at Tumble Weed Houses . The house we have in mind will be 400 square feet. Every place we have lived in the last couple years has really been too big. There seems to be wasted space and too many thing in storage. We will really have to consolidate.
We want to utilize as much from the environment as we can. First thing is the position of the house- we need to get as much shade in the summer as we can and as much sun in the winter. We are also looking into alternatives like wind and solar power and waste composting. Next month we are taking a tour of the Hunt Utilities Campus . We are excited to learn as much as we can, but also just to have someone to talk to about what we are doing. As much as there is talk about solar and wind power it seems difficult to find people that are actually using it. I will let you know what we learn.

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